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Ashgabat International School is a purpose-built facility, located near the U.S. Embassy. The school campus features a number of facilities designed to meet all international standards.


School Library

The school has a big library with collections of books and magazines for students and teachers to check out. At AIS, a love for books and a habit of reading is encouraged from an early age. 


Well-resourced and fully equipped classrooms enhance the students’ learning experience. 


Computer Labs / Smart Hubs

At AIS there are four Computer Labs/Smart Hubs used for technology lessons and SAT, TOEFL and IELTS tests, as AIS is the only ETS certified school in all of Turkmenistan. 


AIS offers a wide range of healthy snacks and lunch options. All necessary precautions and regulations concerning safe food preparation and serving are always maintained.  

Music/Art/Fitness Rooms

The “Specials” classrooms are fully equipped to offer lifelong enrichment and learning.  


Outdoor Facilities

☑ Soccer field  
☑ Track
☑ Long Jump
☑ Tennis Court

School Gymnasium

☑ Basketball  
☑ Volleyball
☑ Events
☑ Games


The campus offers separate playground areas for early childhood and elementary students.



AIS has wide hallways on each floor. Recent student work is always on display.