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QSI Ashgabat is a private and nonprofit school that has Pre-School (2-5) through Secondary IV students. It opened in April, 1994 with just about 15 elementary students, diplomats’ children. However, the number was rocketing and had become even more than 250, with students of all grades, a few years ago. That tremendous growth was the result of the fact that AIS had been the only international school in the country for many years (before the French School of Bouygues Company opened) and its popularity in the community due to the high-quality education, professional staff, and the friendly atmosphere that provides both academic and character development to its students. 

At its starting stage, the school population consisted mostly of foreigners, children of the diplomats and businessmen from oil & gas companies.  Currently, there are many locals interested in placing their children into our school. However, a quota puts certain restrictions to enrolling more local students, so we have to follow it not to lose the school’s international mission. With the sharp increase of the school population there has been a need to expand the school to meet the needs of the community. Thus, a new building was constructed with large and bright classrooms, a library, a gym with all the modern equipment, a soccer field with a running track, basketball and tennis courts, computer labs both for elementary and secondary students equipped with up-to-date computers, cafeteria, music room, etc. 

Moreover, the school is located in a very nice and quiet neighborhood, next to the US Embassy Campus.  Having all the facilities available, the school administration made a decision to open classes for 2, 3 & 4-year old students. It is vivid proof of the school’s popularity and excellent work of its professional staff members.  AIS also operates Summer Camps and Saturday School for local children aged 5-17.  

We have International Food Day, Open House, Talent Shows, Fall Festivals, Literacy Weeks, Spelling Bees, Science Fairs, and a lot of other activities including Success Orientation assemblies run by students (the students take turns) who prepare a short program based on the pillars of the Success Orientations. There are also weekly clubs and after school activities to meet the needs of our students.  The school gets a plethora of help from our Parent Support Group as well as the Student Council.  Teachers utilize resources outside the classroom and frequently take students on field trips to learn about the country’s heritage, develop the students’ Aesthetic Appreciation, sharpen their knowledge, and broaden their outlook. Our students also take part in Model UN, and various sport tournaments at other QSI schools which is a valuable addition to the school’s reputation and success.