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Mastery Learning

The foundation of learning at any QSI school is a philosophy known as Mastery Learning. Under this philosophy we believe all students can learn and achieve in a meaningful way. The idea is simple: Students will master 100% of the material being learned in the classroom before moving onto other concepts.

We believe all students can achieve mastery by providing engaging instruction, reteaching, enrichment, and providing ample time to meet the learning needs of all students.

We expect every student to be successful and we create the conditions for this success

Mastery Learning Supports Student Achievement:

  • Students are placed in classes where they will be appropriately challenged.

  • Instruction based on students’ needs. 

  • Small class sizes. 
  • Teaching until mastery is demonstrated (low or inconsistent performance isn’t good enough to move on to the next unit or course). 
  • Giving students enough time to master new material so that more students demonstrate proficiency and achievement at higher levels throughout the year. 
  • Requiring more from students; they are challenged to achieve a deep level of understanding rather than passing a course with only a 70% understanding.