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Success Orientations

Success For ALL!

QSI schools are established to provide a quality education for the students we serve. Our schools follow a logical model of education which measures success by the accomplishments and attitudes of our students. We believe ALL of our students can SUCCEED. We believe their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success. We also believe it is the schools’ responsibility to provide the conditions for success. These conditions include:

  • Developing clear statements in measurable terms of what the student will do to demonstrate mastery of learning.
  • Providing the time and resources needed for each student to attain mastery of the concepts being taught.
  • Ensuring students engage in learning at a level which is challenging and yet a level for which each student has the prerequisite skills necessary for success. 

We believe in providing a learning environment under the charge of a caring staff who believe their students will be successful, and who use time with the students as a resource for learning. We believe in providing additional resources such as books, learning materials, and educational technology. In the world today, children need to become proficient in the use of computers and related technology as tools to accomplish a myriad of tasks.

Finally, we believe in working with parents to encourage our students to adopt qualities of living which lead to success long after formal schooling has ended. These life-long character traits, we call "success orientations" include: trustworthiness, kindness/politeness, responsibility, independent endeavor, concern for others, group interaction, and aesthetic appreciation. 

At Ashgabat International School, we believe ALL students can succeed!

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