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The Secondary School Program at QSI Schools focuses on equipping students with the skills, knowledge and behaviors required to be successful in a post-secondary environment. Students set individual learning goals, receive instructional support, and demonstrate achievement. 

QSI Diplomas

Quality Schools International (QSI) offers a secondary program that leads to a Secondary School Diploma. Most graduates of QSI schools attend a college or university upon completion of their studies. Previous graduates of the Quality Schools International educational system have been very successful in obtaining admission to colleges or universities of their choice. Some QSI schools may also offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program or the Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma™ Program.

This diploma is a college or university preparatory course of study. Students who satisfactorily complete this program should expect admission into an American college or university, or universities in other countries.

A total of 240 Credits (including electives) is required for this diploma.

At a Glance

The following secondary course offerings are provided as an example of scope and sequence an average QSI school may offer. Each QSI school will modify the course offerings according to local needs and requirements. Some schools may offer further courses to be made available through the QSI Distance Learning Program.


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Path to Graduation

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