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Yelena Kuvadova

Admission Coordinator

Welcome to our school community. You will find all of the forms, documentation, and information needed for our admissions process. Registration and admissions process may take up to 1 week to complete once all of your school records are processed. At any time, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Yelena Kuvadova ( our admissions specialist.



Phone: +99312- 48-90-27 / 28

After you have decided to attend AIS we will ask for a Registration Form along with photographs (2), AIS medical form, copies of parents and student passports, a copy of previous school records and a $300 non-refundable fee. At this point we will
schedule a date to assess language and math proficiency, which takes approximately 2 hours.

Admissions Process

Why Ashgabat International School



Ashgabat International School follows the Mastery Learning model of education. Students learn at a pace which allows them to develop a high level of proficiency (knowledge, skills, and competencies) in the curriculum that they are studying. This approach promotes academic rigor and academic success.


Faculty and Staff

Mastery Learning at Ashgabat International School is facilitated by a group of passionate and dedicated educators. Faculty members are certified and licensed in the core subjects that they teach, and many teachers hold advance degrees in education. 



Our modern, purpose built facilities include preschool and elementary buildings, a middle school annex, and a brand-new secondary building. The school has two gyms, a full sized multipurpose athletic field and track, and multiple outside playgrounds.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our campus community is our main priority. Ashgabat International School has a 24-hour security presence and is closed to public access. Our health clinic is staffed by a full time medical professional and the school follows effective COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

Student Services

Ashgabat International School offers a variety of personalized services in order to enhance student growth and development including counseling, learning support and intensive English classes. The cafeteria and snack bars offer food throughout the day and the school provides convenient busing options for families.

Student Life

Extracurricular and enrichment programs are an integral part of the student life experience at Ashgabat International School. The focus of the program is to provide opportunities for student engagement; nurture leadership skills, increase teamwork and promote positive group dynamics.


Ashgabat International School is proud to celebrate the diversity of our campus community.  With with support of our Parent Teacher Organization - the school hosts events throughout the year including the Back to School Picnic, International Night, Fall Festival, Winter Celebration, Bingo Night and End of Year Picnic.

Events and Activities

At Ashgabat International school we offer many events and school activities to support and foster our school-community life. We are a very active hub of happenings throughout the week and during the weekends. To keep you informed throughout the school year, we post all of our daily and afterschool activities in our weekly newsletter. We also provide a calendar of school-wide events that occur during the entire school year.