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Events and Activities

At Ashgabat International School, we pride ourselves on providing a vibrant school-community life through a wide array of events and activities. Our calendar is packed with engaging happenings throughout the week and weekends, ensuring an active and dynamic environment. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive calendar that highlights school-wide events occurring throughout the entire academic year. Join us in experiencing a rich and diverse range of events and activities that contribute to our lively school community. 

Winter Concert 12.16.22

Winter concert has become a tradition of AIS community. Family and friends alike come to enjoy the music ensemble of our students.  

Beatnik Poetry Night 01.20.23

Curriculum theme based events such as poetry nights are organized and held at school classrooms and parents are invited to watch and enjoy students' poetry skills.   

Science Fair 04.28.23

This year's Science Fair was full of interesting projects ranging from robotics to astrophysics. Judges were invited from the US Embassy and within the AIS community.

Food Festival 05.06.23

One of the yearly biggest traditions AIS holds is a Food Festival. This year about 2000 people participated in the festival. Food from around the world, as well as dancing and sports shows were enjoyed by the locals and international community.    

Welcome Back Family Picnic 09.02.2023

The family picnic has always been a cherished tradition, bringing together students, parents, teachers, and staff in a joyous celebration of our school community. This year, we have prepared lines of tables with food and snacks. It is  a delightful opportunity for families to reconnect, make new friends, and strengthen the bonds that make our school community so special. 

Turkmen Day 09.22.2023

Turkmen Day is a vibrant celebration where AIS community gathers to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Turkmenistan. Attendees are treated to captivating performances of traditional Turkmen dance and are enthralled by the colorful and exquisite Turkmen attire on display. In addition to the visual delights, everyone indulges in the traditional flavors of authentic Turkmen cuisine, savoring dishes that are a true reflection of the country's culinary traditions.

Secondary Empower Kick Off

The secondary Empower Curriculum was launched with a kick-off ceremony, which was attended by all the secondary students. During the event, students were informed about the content and subjects that will be included in the curriculum. The ceremony aimed to familiarize students with the upcoming curriculum and its objectives. To conclude the event, custom-made Empower chocolate bars were distributed among the students, providing them with a sweet treat to enjoy. The chocolate bars added a touch of delight and served as a small token to commemorate the beginning of the Empower Curriculum.

Elementary Empower Kick Off

The elementary Empower Curriculum was inaugurated through a kick-off ceremony that included all the elementary students. The ceremony aimed to introduce the students to the curriculum's scope and subject matter. At the conclusion of the event, the elementary students had the opportunity to indulge in specially crafted Empower chocolate bars. These chocolate bars were a delightful addition, providing a sweet treat for the students to savor. The distribution of the chocolate bars marked a memorable moment, symbolizing the commencement of the Empower Curriculum for the elementary students.